About Us

A few words about us

Our Roots

It all started with a passion for real, made-from-scratch cooking in a food truck that traversed Tennessee, embracing the vibrant culture of the city. From concert fans to festival-goers, day-trippers to lunch-breakers— we fed them all, body and soul.


Today, Los Agaveros has evolved into a restaurant and lively bar scene that does things a little differently than the rest.

A little more boldly. And with a lot more flavor and fun.
We smoke, braise, char, pickle, juice, mash, grind and create in a way that is inspired by the Mexican tradition. All with a twist of the American South. We believe in authentic, down-home cooking techniques.

A Place To Share

Good music, strong, quality drinks. Shareable, mouth-watering food. That’s all the ingredients you need for the perfect neighborhood escape. Created for making memories and kicking back. The ultimate place to unwind and dine — or order a round of tequila to take the night to the next level.